We help brands grow and scale with paid social and consultancy

MediaBoostr focuses on increasing online sales and ROAS by creating and consulting on advanced Social Advertising Strategies.

We work to simplify the fast-changing marketing and ad tech environment for you.

We are transparent, so you always know exactly what we’re doing with your ad spend.

We focus on an outcome-oriented approach to deliver the predefined primary and secondary goals.

MediaBoostr is a team of specialized young creatives, copywriters and Facebook & Instagram ad experts focusing on creative performance marketing.

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We focus on one thing only.

Most agencies claim to be full-service. At MediaBoostr, we don’t try to do everything, because we’re amazing at one thing. We focus all of our expertise and energy into Social Advertising so that we’re consistently at the top of our field.

"We understand the algorithm and play to its biases,
so you get an edge over the competition."

Meet people in the place where they get inspired.

Marketing on Facebook

Communicate with people in familiar ways on Facebook. Whether your business is global or rooted in a local community, you can find your customers here.

Marketing on Instagram

People come to Instagram to be inspired and discover things they care about – and that includes content from brands and businesses like yours.

Marketing on YouTube

If you’re looking to get into video marketing, there’s no better channel than YouTube. It's the second most visited website on the entire internet and with over 50 million creators the place where your audience gets influenced.

5 Pillars of Great Social Advertising

We understand the platforms and can help you scale your Facebook and Instagram advertising faster than you’re able to on your own.

#1 Content that is contagious

Powerful stories that resonate with people are what sets the brand apart from everyone else. There’s no one who can tell your story better than you. We believe that stories need to come from within. It’s critical that brands create their own content, but that doesn’t mean they need to do it alone.

#2 Traffic and distribution

Content alone is not enough anymore. The times of organic virality are over. We have a team of professionals that understand everything from Facebook ads, to Instagram stories to help generate awareness, engagement, virality and conversions for your brand.

#3 Conversion rate optimization

Traffic alone isn’t useful. It needs to convert. We’ll help set up funnels to convert your visitor into active users that engage with your content or purchase your products. Using heat maps and analytics, we’ll identify behaviour patterns and optimize each step of the journey.

#4 Outcome driven strategy

At MediaBoostr, it’s all about making data-driven decisions. Our experts focus on analyzing market trends and consumer behaviour. Whether it’s a post, ad or a simple video, we love to understand the reason for its success and replicate it over and over again.

The right message

Depending on the level of awareness your customers need to see and read different messages.

Problem Aware

Sense they have a problem, but don't know there's a solution.

Solution Aware

Know the results they want, but don't know your product provides it.

Product Aware

Know what you sell, but aren't sure if it's right for them.

Brand Aware

Repeat buyers and loyal customers who refer you to their friends

Case Study of our Work

This case study shows how we helped an already successful brand in the Apparel & Fashion Industry, to scale from almost $14k to $70k in monthly revenue over a time span of 90 days with Facebook Ads and Funnel Optimization.

Ready for Scale

March 2018
$13,600 in monthly revenue

Brand reaches out for help when they want to scale faster and make more sales with their online store

Facebook Ads Optimization

April 2018
$45,300 in monthly revenue

We setup everything and run tests to get a feel for your brand and the type of engagement. After 2 weeks, we'll start seeing some first successes.

Funnel Optimization

May 2018
$58,900 in monthly revenue

We consult on how to optimize the store and strategies to increase the checkout value on the site.

Stabilization of Ads

June 2018
$70,300 in monthly revenue

creative fatigue sets and the first Facebook ads start to burn out. This is where the optimization starts.  


Results for one of our clients in the Apparel & Fashion Industry
We took over inApril and helped them grow


  1. MediaBoostr Takeover

    The brand provided us with relevant content that we use for our adverting.
    We go through their history and data that they had gathered over 1 1/2 years and found ways to reuse and optimize working strategies. We worked on ad-copy and launched the first campaigns.

  2. Facebook Ads & Optimization

    After getting a feeling for the brand and it's customers, we started optimizing towards what was working and turned off everything else. We directly started seeing more results and kept going until we had hit a ceiling.

  3. Strategy & Funnel Optimization

    We consulted the brand to take on some changes on their website, like optimizing their sales funnel and making a more fluent user buying experience. We also increased product prices and reached a 15% higher checkout value.


Same business just about 1 year later. This is them making $144,500 in June 2019 with only Facebook Ads and only $39,800 in ad spend. (3.6x ROAS)

The right systems will give you the results you desire

Advertising used to be like magic. But the truth is that traditional advertising used to be blind leading the blind. All of these results shown in our case studies are the compound effect of 4 systems that implemented correctly will lead to growth for your brand. These systems are Strategy, Messaging, Targeting, and Data.

Let us help you implement these the correct way

You are leaving money on the table!

most businesses spend all of their ad budgets without a real system for turning awareness and consideration into purchasers. Our system is optimized to funnel observers into buyers and increase sales sustainably. In this part, you can see how we turned warm audiences into frequent purchasers and generated a 13x ROAS for one of our eCom clients.

Lots of brands are leaving money on the table only by not running any retargeting campaigns. These are usually audiences that consist of people that have engaged with your brand but are not customers yet or people who have shown signals of high interest but aren't completely convinced yet.

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A trusted partner to the best

Working with the industries best and brightest minds to deliver outstanding results

Pedram (Founder, Mediaboostr) displayed outside-the-box strategic thinking. His energy was contagious and motivated us to work harder.

Arian R.
CEO, swinx

Pedram (Founder, Mediaboostr) is one of the most dedicated persons I ever met. Besides his growth hacking talent his clear mind and his engagement to achieving his mission inspires people around him. It has been a huge advantage to have him in our team. I’m glad to have met him and I’m really looking forward to further cooperation.

Marlon H.
Co-Founder, paigh

They’re a motivated group of young people who enjoy their jobs. Working with them was very enjoyable.

Daniel F.
Founder, Bonn City Tours

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